Thursday, February 12, 2009


Want to make a difference?Participate in the GBBC. Submit your bird counts and photos. Data is used to monitor bird populations, migration patterns and health.This is a four day event, Fri Feb 13 thru Mon Feb16. Anyone can participate for as little a 15 minutes on one day or all day on all days. Go to for more information or stop by Lake Bluff Sanctuary in Manistee.

The Uncommon Loon

Twenty-eight persons from as far away as Cadillac attended the Weds, Feb 11, 2009 meeting of the Manistee County Audubon Society held at Lake Bluff Sanctuary. After chapter president Brian Allen called the meeting to order, guest Jeff Lange presented his film 'The Uncommon Loon'. No business meeting was held but lively discussion was held after the film. Mr. Lange spent the night in the Lake Bluff guest room before heading home to Petoskey.

-Rich Krieger

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cedar Waxwings

The trees around Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary were filled with these birds about a week ago. Sun was reflecting off their breasts making them look like yellowish-golden ornaments while their 'chee-chee' songs were filling the air. Tim Granger estimated over a 100...or more... birds were flocked together. These are really colorful birds. These photos are not the best. The birds were taking turns in groups of about 20 descending onto a high bush cranberry by the old stable and devouring berries: eat one or two and then fly off with another berry in the beak. An impressive show. We also spotted a robin and two eagles. For more info on waxwings, go to

-Rich Krieger, Lake Bluff