Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Saturday May 14, 2016 

The spring migration count or the NAMC as it has been called is scheduled this year and for the first time in years falls on a later date much more suitable for finding warblers and other neotropical migrants.

We will again divide up into teams like on the Christmas Bird Count but for the spring migration count we cover the entire COUNTY!  Many interesting areas including Tippy Dam where the Say's Phoebe was found in March this year, and the Red Bridge area where Cerulean Warblers and Louisiana Waterthrushes are often found are included in our count area.

 Contact Brian Allen at 231-510-9380 if you are interested in joining a field party for the count or Don Kogut at 231-723-5928 if you would like to count birds at your feeder during the count day.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Manistee Audubon Meeting for Wednesday April 13

Linda Scribner

Common Fungi of Northern Michigan

See program announcement here with magnification it is
easier to see!