Friday, March 27, 2009

Bluebird Nest Box Monitors Needed!

The Michigan Bluebird Society installed 3 nest boxes in the field surrounding the house at Lake Bluff. These boxes need to be monitored once a week and we're looking for volunteers to do that. A monitor can be responsible for one or several boxes.

Monitors check for invasive house wren and house sparrow nests and remove them, check for bird activity, keep a log, note eggs and generally follow the progress of the hatchlings. Monitors are need for the entire bluebird nesting season which is basically March thru August. The birds often have more than one brood and a vol monitor could just montor one brood if they wished.

This is an excellent learning activity for families and children. There is the chance to not only help bluedbirds but to watch young birds develope and fledge.

For more info or to vol as a monitor contact Lake Bluff at or 231.723.4042.

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