Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Birding downstate this weekend

What's that?  A couple of White-faced Ibis at Point Mouillee State Game Area in Monroe County in SE Michigan just south of Detroit.  I was able to bird there this weekend and also saw a Marbled Godwit and a Western Sandpiper two birds I have only seen a few times before in the state.

We had a Plegadis sp., a probable White-faced Ibis in Manistee County near Penny Park in East Lake several years ago.  Marbled Godwits have shown up rarely at the Manistee State Game Area visible from Solberg's boatyard and at Arcadia Marsh.  I have only seen Western Sandpiper once in Manistee at the SGA.  Also this weekend there was great habitat at the Shiawasee National Wildlife Refuge in Saginaw County along the Auto Wildlife Tour Route.  Check it out if you get downstate!

Mudflats visible from the Wildlife Auto Tour Rd. at Shiawasee National Wildlife Refuge.

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