Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take Your Birding to the Next Level with “Inside Birding”

It’s May, perhaps bird watching’s biggest month, as millions of birds return from the tropics, filling the Northern Hemisphere with summer’s full array of birds. It’s a great time to go bird watching, and Chris Wood and Jessie Barry from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology are inviting you to go out with them—in a new free series of web videos, “Inside Birding.”
Jessie and Chris share their tips, tools, and techniques for identifying birds with confidence—whether you’re new to birding or seeking to hone your skills. In the first four episodes, learn the secrets of the “four keys” to bird identification. Join Chris and Jessie in the field as they practice using size and shape to identify common birds. Learn how to use color pattern and behavior for critical clues about a bird’s identity. And travel with Chris and Jessie to the swamps of Florida as they explain the importance of habitat when you’re looking for birds.
After watching the videos, explore the rest of the newly redesigned All About Birds website. It’s packed with stunning images and information about every aspect of birding. Enhance your bird knowledge by visiting our popular Bird Guide, with more than 500 species profiles, new photo ID tools, cool facts, sounds, and video. Peruse the Living Bird section for articles about travel, science, and conservation. Practice using the four keys to identification or sharpen your knowledge about Songs and Calls in the Building Skills section. Check out the Multimedia theater to watch videos about birds from the Arctic, coasts, and grasslands—or learn more about attracting birds right to your own yard.
We hope you’ll bookmark your favorite pages and visit often. Enjoy the birds!

Your friends at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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